The Canadian was no match

The Canadian didn't measure up


Like the Canadiens against the Leafs two days earlier, the Detroit Red Wings were pumped up for their opener on Friday night. Had it not been for Jake Allen's prowess in front of the Habs net in the first period, they would have gone to an easy victory. 

If Allen's performance allowed his team to stay in the game until the third period, we felt that the Canadian's chances of winning were slim.

The Red Wings were exercising a lot pressure in the three zones. Martin Saint-Louis' men couldn't achieve much.

When Elmer Soderblom opened the scoring in the opening minutes of the third period, it felt like the carrots were done for Martin Saint-Louis' men.

The Red Wings finally put the game on out of reach for the Canadian with two goals in an empty net in the last minute of the game.

The loss was not attributable to a lack of effort. The effort was there, but the Red Wings played with brilliance and aplomb.

They deserved the win.

Tough night for Suzuki

The Suzuki-Cole duo was less visible than Wednesday night at the Bell Center. Suzuki, in particular, didn't have his best game.

He had no shots on goal and struggled with face-offs. He won just three of one. total of nine, for an average efficiency of 33 percent.

On the rookie side, Jordan Harris played a good game. He was the Habs' second most used defenseman, after David Savard, with an ice time of 21m 28s.

He wasn't on the ice for a Red Wings goal, had four shots on net, had just one turnover and blocked three shots.

For his part, Kaiden Guhle has recovered well from an injury that limited him to three appearances on the ice in the first period.

Arber Xhekaj made his presence felt again by handing out six hits.

That to do with Slafkovsky?

As for Juraj Slafkovsky, again he had no impact whatsoever.

After two games, we can think that he is not ready for the National League. It wouldn't be surprising if St. Louis dropped him for Saturday night's game in Washington.

But we shouldn't panic.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, Slafkovsky was not considered an exceptional player in the draft last July.

If he has the physique for the job, he still has a lot to learn and it is not by playing nine or 10 minutes per game that he will improve.

A stay in Laval seems to indicate in his case.

Drouin's return?

Evgenii Dadonov is not breaking anything either.

Also, we can expect to see Jonathan Drouin in the lineup for the first time against the Capitals, who will be looking for a first gain after two defeats.

It will be up to him to seize his chance if the opportunity arises. It will first have to go through absolute involvement.

A player may have all the talent in the world, he must make every effort to earn his place.