The canvas of the future: Louis Vuitton has released a bag with the screen and Wi-Fi

The fashion house presented the world a new model of the bag

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Полотно будущего: Louis Vuitton выпустил сумку с экраном и Wi-Fi

Cruise collection for Louis Vuitton

The designer Nicolas Gesker presented cruise collection for Louis Vuitton of the season 2020. The show itself was held in custom for such events place – new York airport of John Kennedy. But this was not the main topic of discussion among fashion critics. Appeared on the podium model, in hands at which was not just a classic bag, but a real innovative design with screens on the sides.

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New Louis Vuitton bags called “Painting the future” (Canvas of the Future), which is a unique development in the world of fashion. Flexible side screens, made by technology AMOLED with a resolution of 1920 x 1440. This technology is also used in some smartphones. As stated in Louis Vuitton, their main goal is to blur the line between a smartphone and a bag.

When the bag goes on sale, users will be able to connect via wifi and display content from the platform Louis Vuitton on its handbags.

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