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The Capitals without pity for the Boomers

Ruthless Capitals for Boomers


Les Capitales de Québec quickly found their way back to victory after seeing their winning streak stop at 12 on Friday. They took revenge at the expense of the Schaumburg Boomers by inflicting a dry defeat of 11 to 2 on Saturday at Stade Canac.

Jeffry Parra completely changed the pace of the match – hitherto hotly contested – in the fourth set. He powered a Kyle Arjona offering out of bounds to score a grand slam, dealing a fatal blow to the visitors. Parra also allowed David Glaude to go around the trails by hitting a sacrifice fly earlier in the game.

Patrick Scalabrini's men, however, had a risky start to the meeting. A defensive error allowed Alec Craig and Chase Dawson to advance by a base in the first inning, then a Blake Berry single sent them both home.

It was the only misstep by starting pitcher Miguel Cienfuegos (8-1), who limited the Boomers to four hits in six innings. He also had seven strikeouts.

Ian Codina, Franklin Parra and Franklin Moscatiello then took turns on the mound to muzzle the visitors.

Kyle Crowl had an inspired game at bat, he who drove in two runs and hit as many hits. Glaude (three hits) and Cubans Yordan Manduley and Yoelkis Guibert (two hits) were the other Boomers torturers.

The Illinois team's nightmare continued until in the eighth inning, where Josh McAdams and Crowl drove in with a single and an optional, respectively.

Arjona (2-5) was helpless against the strike force of the “Caps”, allowing nine earned runs and as many hits.

The decisive game of this series must be presented Sunday, in Quebec.

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