The car of Boris Johnson stamped in London

La voiture de Boris Johnson emboutie à Londres

The car carrying british Prime minister Boris Johnson was struck Wednesday by a vehicle escorting him to the exit of the Parliament in London, where a protester has rushed on his road, found a photographer from AFP.

While the convoy was leaving the palace of Westminster after the weekly session of questions to the leader of the government, a participant in a rally against the plight of the Kurds in Turkey is precipitated on the pavement.

The leading vehicle, the Jaguar grey carrying Boris Johnson, has had to brake sharply and the Range Rover that followed him, he returned inside. The convoy departed, leaving the trunk of the car stamped.

Downing Street has confirmed that Boris Johnson was inside. “About what happened, I think the video speaks for itself. No injuries were reported, ” said a spokesman for the conservative head of government, who will be 56 years old on Friday and has been hospitalized for a week in April after having been infected by the new coronavirus.

The protester was arrested, found the photographer of the AFP present.

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