The car staged a “wild dances” in front of the aircraft and scattered the food: live

Eyewitnesses suggest that the car jammed the gas pedal

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Машина устроила "дикие танцы" перед самолетом и разбросала еду: видео

At the airport USA broken machine “rebelled” in front of the aircraft

International airport passengers OHARE in Chicago (USA) shot on video “wild dances staged” machine with on-Board meals. Eyewitnesses suggest that the car jammed the gas pedal, which he began to roll around, getting closer and closer to standing next to the plane and the ethereal staff services. This is the website Gizmodo.

Funny video, which attracted more than seven million views on his Twitter page published the Executive Director of the American osteopathic Association (American Osteopathic Association) Kevin Klauer.

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On the record shows, as the truck spins around its axis, randomly throwing food and drinks. I think she’s going to collide with the plane, but at the last second the car hits the officer on the truck. From blow the truck flips.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered, but one of the flights was delayed for 10 minutes.

“We appreciate the quick response member of our team, who stopped the vehicle,” – said in American Airlines, adding that currently “there is an investigation of the incident.”

Earlier “Today” I wrote, as a witness in the shopping center of the UK capital recorded a video of a bitcoin ATM, which was uncontrollably out of money. In addition, we described how the driver of the BMW broke the gas pedal at a speed of 150 km/h.

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