The career of Charles Lafortune in five souvenir photos

Charles Lafortune's career in five souvenir photos



Charles aged 31, in December 2000. The actor had already starred in several TV series, including Watatatow and animated the teen show Turbulent Zone. We now found him at the helm of the improvisation show Improvissimo, as well as Tôt ou tard, a summer daily newspaper on TVA alongside a certain one. .. Sophie Prégent. 


Charles in 2002, a little over 20 years ago. He was going to host the program Chasse à l’homme on Radio-Canada. A graduate of the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts seven years earlier, an actor by training, he saw the roles follow one another, but the commitments in animation took more and more place in his career. 

Distinguish actor from animator

Le beau Charles in 2004. He was then recognized for his character of Sylvain Dorais, bisexual and heroin addict, in the popular TVA soap opera Russian dolls, but that did not prevent him from hosting the show for toddlers L'École des fans. His ease with people of all ages already made him a leader of choice. 

United for life

With the woman of his life, Sophie Prégent, at a gala in 2006. They were already one of the most admired couples in the artistic world. Falling in love in 2000 on the set of the summer show Tôt ou tard, they will never leave each other. Their son, Mathis, was 4 years old at the time. 

The favorite

At the 2007 Artis gala. Charles, moved, went on stage to receive the award for best game host for Le Cercle and the prestigious award for male personality of the year. That night, he was also nominated for The School of Fans and The Russian Dolls. At the time, he hosted CKOI radio.

  • Charles Lafortune resumed his role as host at La Voix > alongside coaches Marc Dupré, Marjo, Corneille and Mario Pelchat. Sundays 7:30 p.m. at VAT. The duels will begin on March 19.
  • The host is also vice-president of content and creation for the production house Pixcom, to which we owe numerous documentaries and series including Indefensible, La Faille, Audrey is revenue, Victor Lessard, Alerts, Anna and Arnaud, The monster, the game Next, The McSween Clue< /em> and In My Head with Patrick Groulx.
  • Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent set up the Autiste et major foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life and the integration of young adults affected by the autism spectrum (ASD), in particular by the creation of day centres. The parents of Mathis, affected by ASD, want to raise awareness and make these “magnificent children” known to the population.