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The career of Louise Deschâtelets in five souvenir photos

The career of Louise Deschâtelets in five souvenir photos



In the popular 1960s and 1970s Radio-Canada soap opera, Rue des Pignons, which recounted the misadventures of the Jarry family. Louise Deschâtelets, in her debut, interpreted the role of Doudou Désiré (photo) who was going to marry the mechanic Jules Boutin (Yvon Leroux), a man as old as her father. 

A Promising career

One of her first interviews given to the Journal de Montréal, in 1975, when she was named vice-president of the Union des artistes, at the age of 30. Twenty-five years later, she became the very popular courier of this same daily. She still is today.

President and actress

In the early 1980s, Louise Deschâtelets became, at 35, the youngest artist appointed to the presidency of the Union des artistes. She would remain in the position until 1983, while continuing her career as an actress in television series, including Marisol and Banana Skin.  

A Golden Role

The famous Simone Saint-Laurent, strong woman of the comedy Banana Skin, broadcast on TVA from 1982 to 1987. Louise alongside her acting partners, Yves Corbeil, who played Claude Cayer, and her TV children, Zoé (Marie-Soleil Tougas) and Renaud (Sébastien Tougas), a reconstituted modern family, created by Guy Fournier, the actress' spouse at the time. 


La belle Louise, nearly 40 years ago , already highly publicized thanks to her television roles and her work as a daily radio host, at CJMS and CKAC, but also for her private life shared with the colorful author Guy Fournier. The following year she would host the TV magazine Les carnets de Louise (1986).

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