The career of Luc De Larochellière in five souvenir photos

The career of Luc De Larochellière in five souvenir photos


Trois par trois

Luc in 1989. At the age of 22, he had already become a staple of local song, with his first album Amère America, which s will fly to more than 50,000 copies. A few months later, he won three Félix awards at the ADISQ gala, he who had received, three years earlier, three awards at the Festival de la chanson de Granby. 

Accomplices forever

In the early 90s, with his friend, musician-director-manager Marc Pérusse (François' brother). They have been making music together since the beginning of the adventure, since the great hits Bitter America and Save my soul. They are still great accomplices today and once again reunited on stage for the current tour, Rhapsodie lavalloise

The idol< /h3>

September 1990. Luc launched his second album, Save my soul,which will be even more popular than the first with some 100,000 copies sold in Quebec alone. His committed texts, his lively music (Cash City) or on edge (Si fragile) earned him success here as in France and young people recognize themselves in him.  

Memorable show

During an interview for the Francofolies de Montréal in 1992, 30 years ago. The 26-year-old singer was preparing for a very special event, Save my age… The last scene, the last show of his huge tour, after 250 performances. That evening, he and his musicians had pulled out all the stops. 

More successes

The 90s, the singer sailed on the success of his prodigious start to his career and new successes were added such as If I told you come back in 1993 and The new heroestwo years later. Luc had not said his last word. Another big hit awaited him around the turn of the 2000s, Something animal.

  • Luc De Larochellière has started the tour of his new show Rhapsodie lavalloise. He will travel to several cities in Quebec. It's about new songs taken from his recent album which recounts his youth in Laval in 1976, with souvenir images in the background, as well as his great hits, chosen by the public. Surrounded by his musicians, including his great accomplice Marc Pérusse. For all the dates, see
  • The singer launched the 12-song concept album last year, Rhapsodie lavalloise, accompanied by a 48-page booklet filled with song texts, personal photos and illustrations he made himself. With this album, the singer-songwriter plunges back into his childhood in Laval-des-Rapides, with titles like Banana Seat Bike , The Viau Bridge, The Butt Island < strong>and All the Big Jims and GI Joes.
  • To celebrate the 30 years of the album Save my soul, a remastered reissue is available with some unreleased surplus.