The carnage on Osokorki in Kiev: dozens of people were injured (photo)

Побоище на Осокорках в Киеве: пострадали десятки людей (фото)

In the capital on the street. Chavdar around noon on may 16 there was a mass fight involving hundreds of people. The reason was the alleged illegal construction being done in the Park, Osokorky. So say representatives of the “National guards” who participated in the carnage.

According to local residents, they have long been trying to stop illegal construction around the lakes. “This developer insolently climbed to the beach, although there is plenty of room for construction. There is a gradual seizure of the lakes. Already repeatedly wrote complaints to the city authorities, but they kept silent”, — wrote in Facebook Vasily Zhurko. People constantly picketing the construction site in the only Park where you can relax with the children. However, the “aunts” (so the activists and the locals call people in the yellow vests who guarded the construction site) beat picketing the construction site of local residents. This was the reason for the slaughter.

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“Yesterday (15 may. — Ed.) we warned of “aunts” that they will not be good, if they don’t stop their actions. Then they laughed at us and threatened. But after today they are not to threats“, — said one of the representatives of the “Razdrogin” after the incident.

Побоище на Осокорках в Киеве: пострадали десятки людей (фото)

At the same time in a press-service of a capital Central Board of national police of Ukraine “FACTS” reported that the collision occurred between social activists and security guards of the building.

“Between the guards and activists came to a fight, during which the offenders threw stones, set fire to the security office and damaged construction equipment. The conflict resulted in injuries of varying severity were got by 17 people, including a police officer”, — noted in press service.

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In the framework of criminal proceedings which was initiated under three articles of the criminal code: “Hooliganism” “Threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body” and “Deliberate destruction or damage of property”, the police establishes all circumstances of the incident, as well as active participants in the conflict.

Побоище на Осокорках в Киеве: пострадали десятки людей (фото)

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