The Casa de Papel season 4 : Alba Flores (Nairobi), she unveiled a big spoiler on the sequel ?

La Casa de Papel saison 4 : Alba Flores (Nairobi) a-t-elle dévoilé un gros spoiler sur la suite ?

The Casa de Papel season 4 : Alba Flores (Nairobi), she unveiled a big spoiler on the sequel ?

After the final explosive and heart-rending of season 3 of the Casa de Papel, what will happen in season 4, whose release date would be set at January 2020 on Netflix ? The info reveal themselves little by little and today it is the turn of the Alba-Flores, aka Nairobi, to talk about the following. Would she have dropped a big spoiler ? Warning, this article contains some important info on the last episode of season 3.

While a spin-off of The Casa de Papel would be in preparation and that a season 5 has already been ordered, the fans would love to know the release date of season 4 on Netflix. There are whispers that it would come in January 2020 (on the 18th apparently), but nothing has been announced officially for the time being. Patience, patience… By cons, it is already known that the robbers mask Dali face a great enemy to the inside of the bank. His identity still remains a mystery.

Nairobi really dead ?

On the other hand, the big question remains : Nairobi is she dead ? Hard to imagine its survival after his injury to be serious enough. The followers of The Casa de Papel keep when even hope, but do they have reasons ? The last confidence of Alba Flores may make them change their opinion : “I have nothing started to spin. I know nothing, I do not even know when is starting the season 4“, confessed the actress in an interview with Gtres. Complicated to imagine his return all the more that the filming of season 4 of The Casa de Papel is completed. After all, the Alba-Flores may have lied in order to keep the suspense. Case to follow.

In any case, the interpreter of Nairobi seems to be at this time wanting to devote himself to the theatre : “today, I’m at the theatre with my company Extraña Compañía. It plays ‘La excepción y la regla’. We’re going to do a small tour. I am very happy. This is a personal project that gives me a lot of joy, ( … ), television and the theatre are very different things, but I started with the theatre, and for me, it is like a first love.

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