The Casa de Papel season 4 : release date unveiled with the return of Nairobi ?

La Casa de Papel saison 4 : la date de sortie dévoilée avec le retour de Nairobi ?

The Casa de Papel season 4 : release date unveiled, return to Nairobi suggested in a video

Fans of The Casa de Papel waiting for season 4 since a last episode full of twists and turns in part 3. Netflix has finally unveiled the exact release date which will be next year, in 2020. And most importantly, they are convinced that the return to Nairobi after seeing the video teasing posted on Twitter.

The Casa de Papel back the…

While Rodrigo de la Serna, alias Palermo in The Casa de Papel had assured him that the season 4 is expected to arrive in January 2020 on Netflix, the real release date is in fact more far-reaching than that. Yes, the streaming platform has revealed in a video posted on his Twitter account that the series in Spanish-will land on April 3, 2020. Fans of the robbers in mask of Dali will therefore have to take their evil in patience, and wait another four months.

In the short teasing season 4 of The Casa de Papel, one can in particular read “let the chaos begin”. But above all, the tweeters were able to see the characters from the show dressed in their combinations red : Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Raquel Lisbon, Monica Stockholm, professor, Palermo, Helsinki, Bogota and even Marseille. Not forgetting Nairobi.

Nairobi back ?

While the Alba-Flores who plays Nairobi had revealed a big spoiler about the result, admitting that they still had not started filming season 4, his character could eventually be in life. At the end of season 3, she had been hit by a bullet by the police while she was watching her son through the window. Losing a lot of blood, Nairobi seemed to be doing poorly. But will she die or survive ?

Discovered in the announcement of the release date of The Casa de Papel part 4, people think that it will be in life. Really crazy, they have been many to comment on the video.

Except that Berlin has also appeared in the video. The latter died in season 2 (but always present in episodes, using flashbacks). Then Nairobi will she return alive and well, or simple flashbacks ?

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