The Casa de Papel, The Witcher… the classification series and movies the most viewed on Netflix in 2019

La Casa de Papel, The Witcher... le classement des séries et films les plus vus sur Netflix en 2019

The Casa de Papel, The Witcher, 6 Underground… top 10 of tv series and movies the most viewed on Netflix in 2019

What are the series and films seen on Netflix in France in 2019 ? A few days before the transition in 2020, the platform is the results ! On Twitter, she has revealed what are the new seasons, new releases and films that have passionate subscribers… with a method of ranking when even a bit surprising. Without surprise, The Casa de Papel can be found in these tops just like The Witcher or even the film of Michael Bay’s 6 Underground.

In 2019, Netflix has not left us a minute of respite, and has unveiled many new seasons, new series and movies. What kill our social life… And yet, as everyone (or almost), it is cast on the season 3 of The Casa de Papel and it was devoured Sex Education.

The Casa de Papel at the top, The Witcher and You fuck everything

Without much surprise, the season 3 of The Casa de Papel dominates the ranking of programs most viewed on Netflix, not only in the class series but also on all programs combined. It must be said that the series Spanish broke records during his return last July and became the series the most-viewed of all time on Netflix in France. Anything to announce yet big score for the season 4 expected to open in next April.

The result of the ranking is quite surprising. Launched 10 days ago (on 20 December), The Witcher with Henry Cavill is the second most seen in 2019 ! The season 2 of You, exit there are only four days, is, it, seventh in the general ranking and 6th in the ranking of the series ! Among the programs that have fascinated subscribers, you can also see the film 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds, Sex Education, the Umbrella Academy, season 3, Stranger Things or season 2 of Elite. The French film Commuters is the 3rd film the most seen on the platform in front of The Irishman and behind Triple Border. Finally, the documentary about the case of Gregory is the second documentary most viewed behind Our planet and in front of Nekfeu : the Stars Wandering.

Top 10 in all categories
1. The Casa de Papel, season 3
2. The Witcher
3. 6 Underground
4. Sex Education
5. Umbrella Academy
6. Stranger Things, season 3
7. You, season 2
8. Triple border
9. Elite, season 2
10. Family Business

Top 10 series
1. The Casa de Papel, season 3
2. The Witcher
3. Sex Education
4. Umbrella Academy
5. Stranger Things, season 3
6. You, season 2
7. Elite, season 2
8. Family Business
9. How to raise a super-hero
10. 13 Reasons Why, season 3

Top 10 movies
1. 6 Underground
2. Triple border
3. Commuters
4. The Irishman
5. Klaus
6. The Perfect Date
7. Isn t It Romantic
8. Tall Girl
9. Murder Mystery
10. Falling Inn Love

Top 10 documentaries
1. Our planet
2. Grégory
3. Nekfeu : the Stars Wandering
4. Atoine Griezmann : Champion of the World
5. Homecoming : a film by Beyoncé
6. Don’t F**k with Cats : a killer too viral
7. Travis Scott : Look Mom I Can Fly
8. Fyre : the best festival that never took place
9. Formula 1 : the Drivers of their destiny
10. The last of the tsars

A method of ranking surprising

But how Netflix has it got this ranking ? This is where it is quite… amazing ! As stated in the platform, a view is counted as only 2 minutes of viewing ! For example, if you have launched The Casa de Papel and stopped after 5 minutes, this account still ! Other information : only the views in the 28 days following the release are recognized. A ranking that doesn’t necessarily mean much except that many people have thrown themselves on The Casa de Papel or The Witcher during their outings.

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