The Casa de Papel video game : the series joins Rainbow Six Siege for a special mission

La Casa de Papel en jeu vidéo : la série s'associe à Rainbow Six Siege pour une mission spéciale

The Casa de Papel video game : the series joins Rainbow Six Siege for a special mission

While fans eagerly await the new episodes of season 2 (or season 4, depending on circumstances) of The Casa de Papel, the series Netflix has just joined the video game Rainbow Six Siege in order to give life to a very special mission.

While waiting to discover the second part of season 2 of The Casa de Papel – is expected in 2020 on Netflix, the series is back in a fresh new way. Yes, it is in the form of a video game that you can now you can slip into the skin of the famous robbers. Well, almost.

The Casa de Papel arrives on consoles

In reality, this is the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which is associated with the famous series Spanish. Result, from 20 to 25 November, all gameurs can (for free) start a bonus mission, rather cool conducted by Hibana and Vigil. The principle is simple, a hostage – dressed in the official attire of the band of the Professor, needs to be saved… in a bank.

A mission of infiltration nice, although far from being original or ultra thrust creatively speaking, which allows us to reap various rewards including a red costume very special and a mask of Dali, but also objects that are more classic for fans of the game such as – depending on the site “uniforms, equipment, head, skins, weapon, and pendants, all for 1680 Credits.

It should be noted that the official Twitter account of Rainbow Six – renamed Marseille for the occasion, spends his time in teaser a few hints and instructions in order to deepen the experience of this bonus mission. It is not used for large thing, but it’s still cool.

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