The case of premium Russian going to haunt Trump

L’affaire des primes russes va hanter Trump

Reports claim that Russia has offered premiums to the taliban in Afghanistan to shoot down american military. Regardless of the interpretation that we in fact, this case is an embarrassment to Donald Trump.

The case has been confirmed by multiple sources, and even if the president speaks of invention of the media, he is virtually alone in denying the facts.

These facts are clear : the us intelligence services were aware of the premiums paid to the taliban by Russia ; it is almost inconceivable that the president, Trump has not been notified ; he did nothing.

The case will come to seal a re-election campaign is already faltering and, as a licensed driver in a snow bank, Trump is sinking further with every effort that he deploys to get out of it.

When Trump does it know ?

It all goes back to the famous question asked of Nixon at the time of Watergate : “What knew the president and when did he know ? “

Several reports support the facts. The intelligence services had got wind of these premiums from the beginning of 2019, and the information was forwarded to the president.

The president denies having been informed. Who is telling the truth ?

If he knew

If Trump has actually been informed, his reactions are a tissue of lies. This would not be new from a president who has issued thousands of false statements since its entry into service.

He has not done anything is not that surprising from a president who has never issued any criticism of Vladimir Putin, giving free rein to speculation on the mysterious affection he seems to have the autocrat Russian.

If Trump knew it, he is complicit in the death of several american soldiers and allies at the hands of the taliban, but he did not know, this is not much better.

Even if one accepts the claim unlikely of the president, who is said to have taught this case at the same time as you and me, it comes out scratched.

If he didn’t know

After some of the reports to be credible, these premiums were mentioned in the reports transmitted to the president. If he has not read, it is an admission of incompetence which does not absolve any responsibility.

If these data have not been transmitted because his entourage feared to upset with the information bothersome on the subject of Russia, this will signal an atmosphere rotten in the White House.

Some even emit the hypothesis that he would have hidden the information to avoid that he could pass on to Vladimir Putin, this is even worse.

Anyway, Donald Trump has done nothing to punish or even semoncer Russia before or after the case has been exposed. Already, his political opponents have produced ads that are making it, at worst, a traitor, or at best, an incompetent.

Donald Trump will have a nice tweeter and blaming the media as he will, this case will stick to the skin.

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