The Casino de Charlevoix is complete for July

Le Casino de Charlevoix complet pour juillet

The players wasted no time to book their place at the Casino de Charlevoix. It took less than four days before the institution closed since march has sold out in July.

Tomorrow, Loto-Québec will continue its activities in slow motion, with in particular 33 % of its slot machines and 20 % of its tables as usual, in four of its institutions. Some health concerns will also influence the customer experience.

They must now book a time slot for access to the facilities of the games. They will also need to complete a questionnaire on their state of health and comply with the health measures.

“We put very strict measures in place. It is certain that a casino must remain festive, but we wanted a safe site for our customers and our employees”, says the spokesperson for Loto-Québec, Patrice Lavoie. “Guests should expect an establishment which won’t be like what was before,” he continues.

In Charlevoix, there are thousands of people who have already confirmed their presence on the web site of the State company. The casino, whose days and hours of activities have been reduced, is of full or nearly — there were only two seats Tuesday— until 6 August. New timetables will be available from Friday.

A maximum of 250 people will be allowed in the building. On a Saturday, in normal times, the building could accommodate up to 1250 guests.

On the side of the Casino du Mont-Tremblant which will be open tomorrow, there were still a few places available, Tuesday, to July. For games shows in Quebec city and Trois-Rivières, the players still had a lot of choice.

As for the casinos du Lac-Leamy and Montreal, Loto-Québec has not yet begun to take bookings. These establishments are to open respectively on 23 July and 3 August.

The challenge of the traffic

For the moment, Loto-Québec relies on the good faith of people to ensure the traffic in their establishments.

The State company says that no customer will be put at the door, and this, even if it does not comply with the letter of the time slots it had reserved.

This choice, however, could have an impact on the waiting time of the other players, ” warns management.

This last does not hide that the first weeks will be used to the kinks of the new games offer. Several adjustments may be necessary.

Currently, it is possible to make a booking for a maximum of two people. The bid for a group will not be available.

Moreover, for the access to the Casino of Charlevoix, the precise direction that the customers in the hotels nearby will not have priority.

Monday, Loto-Québec has made a visit to the media the site of the Casino de Charlevoix in the era of the COVID-19. Hand washing will be mandatory as well as wearing a mask. The contacts will also be very limited between the employees and the customers at the tables and slot machines. The service of alcohol will also be more available in the spaces of games.

As to the food supply, it will be possible to order take-away food at restaurant St-Hubert. The bar area of the casino has been transformed into a dining room, without a server, with a fifty-seater.

Lately, the corporation has proceeded to lay off 2250 employees temporarily through its network. Due to the pandemic, the losses at Loto-Québec are expected to exceed the half-billion dollars. The management does not expect to return to normal before 2021.

The Casino de Charlevoix

  • 130 out of the 270 workers are back at work
  • Open from Thursday to Sunday
  • The dining room at the St-Hubert restaurant will remain closed. It will be possible to order for take-out. To accommodate customers, Loto-Québec, has transformed its bar area in the dining room, without a server, with a fifty-seater.
  • Before you can go into a gambling establishment, the clients will have to book online a day and a time range.
  • The parking lot will remain paid.
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