The cat dealt with a pack of large dogs: funny video

The dogs were forced to retreat because the cat was too aggressive

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Кот расправился со стаей крупных псов: курьезное видео

The cat scared a pack of dogs

Surveillance camera in one of the cities of Turkey took off like a cat trying to defend its territory scared a pack of six large dogs. The animals were forced to retire because the cat was too aggressive, writes the Daily Mail.

Published in the Internet video shows how the dogs just went to the cat and began to sniff it. However, the animal arched its back and attacked them. One of the dogs, apparently, fluffy scratched pretty bad. Coming past the cat walked a few dogs, one of which also got.

We will remind, earlier pet cat deftly knocked out a Navy seal. The footage posted on YouTube, shows how the passing marine life cat suddenly does a few punches paw in the face of the seal.

Furthermore we wrote that the network is gaining popularity video with the house cat in the lead role, which was treed by the bear. Also watch the video, cats in Japan react to the oncoming earthquake.

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