The cat traveling in spectacles, became a star Network

Кошка, путешествующая в очках, стала звездой Сети

Without glasses her walking on the street impossible.

Five-year-old cat Bagel has won the love of about half a million people at Instagram, reports the with reference to Purring fashionista is not averse to try on stylish outfits and cool sunglasses.

However this image was not born from the whim of the owners to gain subscribers, just a Bagel suffers from a rare disease in which she has no eyelids. Her glands are not able to identify tears that protect from dust, debris and other foreign objects.

Кошка, путешествующая в очках, стала звездой Сети

Bagel with glasses and without

“Passers-by often stop to talk to me about it sun glasses or take a picture of her,” says Karen McGill, who saved a Bagel from a shelter near Los Angeles, California.

Кошка, путешествующая в очках, стала звездой Сети

Most people laugh and think it’s cool, but then the owners have to explain that this is not a whim but a necessity.

When the woman took a Bagel from a shelter, she had the clock to look after the kitty, because the animal suffered from a lack of weight.

Кошка, путешествующая в очках, стала звездой Сети

However, its rare disease Karen found out when the cat was four months. The woman took the pet to the ophthalmologist, who discovered the anomaly.

The bagel has endured three operations on his eyes. She stopped the growth of follicles of eyelashes that grow inward and can damage the cornea, and thus eventually lead to blindness.

After the first surgery, Karen and a veterinarian came up with the brilliant idea to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes.

Кошка, путешествующая в очках, стала звездой Сети

Doubtless the Bagel took some time to get used to the glasses, but now she’s happy to wear them because it associates them with comfort.

When the Bagel goes outside, she always wears a bright glasses that makes her the coolest cat on the block.

In addition to the state of the eye, a Bagel alone can not regulate body temperature, so Karen started to wear a little kitten almost immediately after the adoption.

It should be noted that the Bagel lives in a house with five other cats and has already established herself as “alpha”. Although the cat prefers to spend time with dogs, walking with them to battle and to be the leader of the pack.

“She’s a real diva, which must be everywhere, wherever we were, especially when she goes to new York and meets his audience”, – said the hostess


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