The catch bottlenecks may sometimes be necessary, according to Trump

Les prises d’étranglement pourraient parfois être nécessaires, selon Trump

The american president Donald Trump said that the decision bottlenecks, controversial technique used by some police officers to control suspects, should “generally” be prohibited, but it may be necessary in some situations.

“If a police officer finds himself in a bad fight and he catches someone (…), it is necessary to be cautious “, said Mr. Trump in an interview with Fox News that aired Friday.

“The concept of a decision bottleneck seems so innocent, so perfect “, he added.

However, prohibit this method (a claim the protests that have swept across the country after the death of George Floyd) would be a good thing ” in general “, he continued.

The president stressed that he could make “strong recommendations” in the matter to the local authorities.

Donald Trump reacted to the calls to the police to stop applying pressure on the neck of the people arrested. This technique can certainly immobilize a person, but it could also kill her.

George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, without taking account of the lament of the man who was telling him not to be able to breathe. The city has agreed to prohibit the taking of strangulation.

In New York, another black man unarmed, Eric Garner, died in 2014 after a police officer made a decision bottlenecks at the time of his arrest.

When asked about protests against police violence, Mr. Trump said he wanted to ” see a font that’s really evidence of empathy, while being strong “.

“The firmness, it is sometimes this that there is a more empathetic “, he said.

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