The cathedral of Nicolet renovated

La cathédrale de Nicolet rénovée

NICOLET | The cathedral of St-Jean-Baptiste de Nicolet will be able to receive a portion of the envelope of$ 15 Million of the religious heritage to rebuild its roof, which is badly in need of love.

Water infiltration is very visible in the interior of the building.

The damage to the roof are so important as pieces of interior coating crumble.

“This is not dangerous for the moment, but it will intensify always […] there are corners that we isolate in order to be sure that there is nothing that can fall on someone,” says the bishop of Nicolet, Bishop André Gazaille.

The roof, decades old, is patched of end-to-end. The canvas that covers the concrete structure is broken in dozens of places, which will allow water to infiltrate.

It is midnight less one, but the diocese was finally able to make repairs next summer, thanks to a grant of nearly$ 800,000 from the provincial government.

“Without these monies from the government, it would have been impossible. We talk about works that will cost$ 4 Million. However, the diocese is unable to support it,” he continued.

These are hard times for all of the religious heritage of Quebec. The government has received 140 applications, but has had to be limited to 62 buildings.

“If we had$ 40 Million, we would have been able to spend it easily. We had 15 million, so there is a choice that has been made”, stressed the minister of Culture of Québec, Nathalie Roy.

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