The Catholic Trinity 2019: date, value and tradition

When Trinity 2019 Western Christians, and how it differs from the Orthodox

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Католическая Троица 2019: дата, значение и традиции

The Catholic Trinity

In June, Orthodox and Catholics comes Trinity. This is one of the main Christian holidays in the Eastern and Western Christians that commemorates the descent of the Holy spirit upon the apostles. However, the holidays in different religions have differences. For example, the date of celebrations and some customs are different. When the Catholic Trinity, what traditions are observed, and in contrast to the Orthodox, find in our article.

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What day is celebrated on the Catholic Trinity, 2019

How many drops Trinity Catholic 2019 is directly dependent on the date of Easter, which the Western Christians celebrated on 21 April, a week earlier than the Orthodox. Accordingly, the Catholic Trinity in 2019 will be celebrated on 9 June.

What is the difference of the celebration of the Catholic Trinity from the Orthodox

In the Catholic Church, in contrast to Orthodoxy, the holidays separated, and the day of the descent of the Holy spirit is included in the cycle of Pentecost. So on the 50th day after Easter, celebrates the Descent of the Holy spirit or Pentecost, but the Holy Trinity is coming in a week, next Sunday. Then on the 11th day of Pentecost follows the feast of the Body and blood of Christ. On the 19th day after Pentecost comes the feast of the sacred heart of Jesus. And terminates the cycle on the 20th day after Pentecost feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

But the Eastern Christians, the Descent of the Holy spirit and the Holy Trinity combined in one holiday.

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The Catholic Trinity: the value of the day

Trinity in the view of Western Christians is God, the essence of which is one, but His existence is the personal relation of the three hypostases: the Father as from the beginning of first principle, the Son as the ultimate Meaning of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and the Holy spirit – the life-giving Beginning, which comes from the First and Second hypostases.

On the 50th day after Easter the apostles in the light and radiance of the Holy Spirit, endowing them with grace, insight, and the ability to speak in different languages of the earth to bring to all people the Word of God. The fire symbolizes the power, which cleanses the soul from sin, enlightens and warms them.

The Catholic Trinity 2019: holiday traditions

According to the traditions of Western Christians on the feast cycle of the Pentecost the priests dressed in red robes the color of fire. Through this rite Catholic Trinity even got the name of the red Easter. But on the Trinity they change into white clothing.

In the process of Worship in the temple are the Holy gifts. Each country observes its tradition of celebrating the Trinity. For example, in the Italian churches in memory of the miraculous descent of the fiery tongues scatter rose petals. In France the Trinity trumpet blasts, symbolizing the sound of the wind in the day of the Descent of the Holy spirit. And in England in this period are Church processions and Spirit fair.

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