The cause of the “moon fever” have walked on the moon astronauts

Названа причина «лунной лихорадки» у побывавших на Луне астронавтов

The so-called moon fever faced have visited the satellite of the Earth, the astronauts, was caused by lunar dust that clung to their suits. This is the website of the European Space Agency (ESA). Among the main symptoms of the disease highlighted the sore throat and watery eyes.

Now the scientists is to find out whether this dust is a threat to human life. Early studies showed that even the simulators lunar dust prolonged exposure can kill brain cells and lungs.

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In ESA say that the potential damage from the inhalation of dust is not precisely known. Now a group of scientists from around the world preparing for the testing of space equipment, working with simulated dust produced in the volcanic region of Germany.

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