The cegep students are worried about their finances

Les cégépiens inquiets pour leurs finances

The Federation étudiante collegial du Québec (FECQ), asked, Sunday, to the minister of higher Education, Danielle McCann, invest the more quickly the$ 400 Million transferred from Ottawa to help the students.

The association hopes that this amount will be transferred directly to the quebec Program of grants and loans.

This program, which is normally a bit more than a billion dollars per year, could therefore be enhanced by nearly 30% for the fall 2020.

The PCU student, which is 1250$ per month, will end at the beginning of the month of October, which will only add to the financial stress of cegep students, according to the FECQ.

“At this time, it is in a blur, it is in a vacuum, students expect answers to make decisions,” says Eileen Veilleux, president of the FECQ.

Because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, and of the many closures of businesses, many students have lost their jobs.

Lack of sufficient funds, some will have to resolve to abandon their studies.

“For the moment, the date of abandonment of the course is not passed, so people are waiting for news. But yes, there has been a school dropout,” admits the president of the FECQ.

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