The censorship and the hatred

La censure et la haine

Hate you Donald Trump ? Hate you the racism ? Hate you have certain religions ? Hate you a leader, an institution, a killer, the mafia, a sport, a vegetable, a city, a trade, a policy, a television show, an artist or a writer ?

Hurry up to tell it or write it down, because the train where things are going, you will soon be able to express a profound disagreement with certain people or ideas.

Law hated

France comes from the escape beautiful. On may 20, the national Assembly of France adopted a law hated : the law Avia. Fortunately, last week, the French constitutional Council has cancelled almost all the provisions of this act.

It prohibited, among other things, incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence. She ordered the digital platforms of withdraw in 24 hours all messages that came in these categories. These platforms were to display a button of denunciation available to internet users. The software companies, in the case of non-respect of the law, would face maximum fines of 1.5 million euros and, in the case of non-cooperation with the State, a penalty that could reach up to 4 % of their global turnover.

Without ruling on the merits, the constitutional Council ruled that the law requiring internet companies constraints inapplicable. The defenders of the law Avia have promised to return to the charge with a new version.


This law is part of a significant trend that request internet platforms to censor the inappropriate content.

Such censorship is defensible when it comes to child pornography. But it becomes unacceptable when it affects the freedom of expression.

More serious, many wish that software companies took the place of the judges and censor remarks that could incite hatred, or in a wider context, that would be false, offensive, etc

Trump was right

Donald Trump has been censored by Twitter.

As much as it is possible to dislike, or even hate Trump, as he had reason to denounce the censorship of which he was the object.

Americans who are upset about Trump are three ways to stop it : they can vote against him in the next election, drag him before the courts, for example in the case of defamation, or respond to him in the public space.

The response in the public space is always the best way to combat hate.

But sometimes the hate is justified, in the case of the nazis, for example.

Freedom of expression is too precious to be left in the hands of private companies. It is in danger of disappearing if people are afraid to be censored because their words are displeasing to the small groups of activists.

In Germany, where a law similar to the law Avia has been adopted in 2017, many users do not dare to already express opinions contrary to the political correctness ambient.

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