The CEO of the Reflector at the heart of the storm #MeToo

Le PDG de Reflector au cœur d’une tempête #MeToo

The middle of the media in québec is shattered by a series of tweets accusing him of ex-leaders of Ubisoft Montreal, the CEO of Reflector, Alexandre Amancio, gestures inappropriate to employees.

A few months after a wave of denunciations similar to that with Uber, it is the turn of the giant of the video games Ubisoft have been accused by ex-employees did nothing to stop the harassment in the workplace.

Dozens of messages relayed on Twitter the last 48 hours are that the work environment “toxic” for women, and this, across the globe. Gestures inappropriate would have been routinely ignored by the company present in many countries.

These allegations have not been proven in court and he has denied these ” rumors “.

In Montreal, it is mainly the ex-executive Alexandre Amancio, who is the subject of the allegations.

“Amancio has licked the face of a woman in full evening Ubisoft, at the sight of all. He has also harassed several women who worked for him, ” said one of them.

“He hankered after a female employee communications, and boasted of how he liked to choose the woman the most difficult part of the room – usually waiters – trying to sleep with her,” says another.

“He did it without consequence, is unworthy of a third. Several women were punished for having spoken of these incidents. “

Note that these allegations have not been proven in court.

He denies any

Mr. Amancio has worked at Ubisoft Montréal from 2005 to 2015. He co-founded Reflector in 2013 where he is director general since 2018, in addition to having been creative main Reflector from 2015 to 2018.

Contacted by The Journal, Mr. Amancio said to have ” taken notice of the rumors posted on Twitter [s]one respect. ”

“I will not minimize the seriousness of the allegation [sic] of this nature. That said, I deny the things that, not only are false and represent an attack on my reputation, but also have an impact on my family. “

The majority shareholder of Reflector, Red Moon, claims that he takes the allegations “very seriously” and ” conducts an internal audit, although the rumors that are attributed to him date back several years.”

“We have an internal policy robust (zero tolerance) harassment [sic] at work and we make sure we put in place everything that is in our power to provide a healthy environment,” explained the spokesperson Anne Dongois.

She confirmed in the same breath that Mr. Amancio remained in position.

Ubisoft has refused to grant an interview. In a note of service, the company “presents its apologies to all persons affected,” and confirmed to have triggered an investigation.

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