The CFDT of Autoroutes du Sud de France is calling on staff to strike this weekend: what are the consequences for traffic ?

The CFDT of Autoroutes du Sud de France is calling on staff to strike this weekend: what are the consequences for traffic ?

Les perturbations resteront minimes pour les automobilistes (illustrations). MAXPPP – BERTRAND BECHARD

Vinci Autoroutes du Sud de France (ASF) staff are called to strike this weekend, the first of the summer holidays. The CDFT has filed a strike notice from this Friday 5 a.m. to Sunday 10 p.m. They denounce a steady decline in numbers. This strike movement could have consequences on traffic. We take stock.

For the first weekend of summer vacation departures, the CFDT of Autoroutes du Sud de la France (Vinci Autoroutes) is calling on all staff to strike between Friday July 4 and 4 a.m. and Sunday July 7 at 10 p.m. The information was revealed this Wednesday by our colleagues at La Dépêche du Midi.

More hiring

A strike notice running from Friday July 5 at 4 a.m. to Sunday July 7 at 10 p.m. was filed by the union, for < em>"first weekend of crossover", specifies Fabrice Bergery, CFDT ASF central delegate.

This notice concerns the entire Autoroute du Sud de la France (ASF) network, therefore the motorways from Nantes to Biarritz, Toulouse and Montpellier up to Lyon. 

"Our demands mainly relate to the workforce: it has been several years since we stopped hiring and this poses organizational problems with dysfunctions on all sites< /em>", explains the central delegate, who highlights an increase in activities in the summer without seasonal workers to respond.

For its part, the CFDT demands a "real relationship of trust between employees and management" and "reconstructing responsible social dialogue". She also calls for more hiring for the summer, replacement of departures with permanent contracts, an end to pressure on employees and the launch of an audit on psychosocial risks.

Minimal disruptions

Vinci Autoroutes, the owner of the network, promises that disruptions will remain minimal, while Bison futé sees red for Saturday in the direction of departures. Vinci indicates that "continuity of service will be ensured across the entire motorway network".

For motorists, traffic will therefore not be really disrupted by the movement, the toll terminals being automatic."There is a risk of a longer response time and some queues at tolls in the case of technical problems, tickets or electronic tolls", explains Fabrice Bergery.

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