The CH Group is calling on the government of Quebec

Le Groupe CH fait appel au gouvernement du Québec

The CH Group, which owns the team of the Montreal canadiens, has requested financial assistance from the government as well as the development of an action plan to assist in the return of hockey in the metropolis.

The large business of The Arena des Canadiens Inc., director of the CH Group as well as the event promoter evenko, has made some steps in this direction in the provincial government, through the lobbyists Registry of Quebec, in the last few days.

“We are in discussion with the provincial government to support us in the recovery of our activities, among others for the reopening of the Bell sports Complex in view of the return to play of our players. And of course, the activities covered by the mandate do not cover in no case the staff hockey or hockey players. In addition, no application has been made in connection with the employees of L’aréna des Canadiens”, has confirmed to the CH Group via e-mail.

The object of the application is for, we read, “the development of a program or a plan of action in support of the company to give effect to the economic consequences of the COVID-19”. It wants “to allow the resumption of training of hockey players, professionals, and support the resumption of its activities, where the rallies will be allowed”, is it stated in a mandate declared by The Arena des Canadiens Inc.

In difficulty since the beginning of the pandemic, the CH Group was forced to reduce by 60% the number of employees, on 30 march. Of employment insurance benefits for the employees as well that a relief fund of$ 6 Million have been announced subsequently.

The same for the cultural industry

The event agency Team Spectra, which is also a sub-division of the CH Group, has also made representations to the government “for the purpose of obtaining a grant of a sum or under an unknown program in order to be able to cover the expenses incurred prior to the cancellation of a tour or a show to give effect to the decree issued by the government.”

We wish, this time, the refund of these amounts of money provided for the tours and variety shows. These vary between a few thousand and several tens of thousands of dollars, as the case may be. We judge, in addition, that the closure of the canada-u.s. border, as well as prohibitions on large gatherings should not prevent the distribution of such grants.

Most sports activities and arts of the CH Group are paused because of the COVID-19. This concerns of course the holding of the matches of the Tricolor, which generate annual profits of close to$100 Million.

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