The challenge of diversity for Boujan’s novilladas

The challenge of diversity for Boujan’s novilladas

Boujan presented the cartels of the 8th edition of “toros y campo” this Thursday in the marquee of the Boujan arenas. Midi Libre – Stéphan Guin

The challenge of diversity for Boujan’s novilladas

The Guadaira bulls for Sunday's novillada in their camp near Seville. Midi Libre – Stéphan Guin

The challenge of diversity for Boujan’s novilladas

The Guadaira bulls for Sunday's novillada in their camp near Seville. Midi Libre – Stéphan Guin

The challenge of diversity for Boujan’s novilladas

Les toros de Guadaira pour la novillada de dimanche dans leur campo près de Séville. Midi Libre – Stéphan Guin

The cartels of the 8th edition of « Toros y campo » were unveiled this Thursday in the Boujan arenas. The 2024 edition will take place from June 28 to 30 and will consist of two stitched novilladas and one unstitched one. The Spaniards Alejandro Chicharro and Samuel Navalon and the Nîmes Niño Julian will be the headliners.

At the beginning of February, the veil was lifted on the breedings which will occur during the 8th edition of « toros y campo ». With a duel between the French ganaderias of Valverde and Turquay for the opening novillada piqué and Guadaira for the closing.

This bullfighting part, on June 29 and 30, will be marked by a wide diversity of livestock entries with the Conde de la Corte du Curé de Valverde, the Santa Coloma de Turquay and the Domecq de Guadaira without forgetting Roland Durand's iron for the novillada without picador.

This Thursday, under a marquee erected on the track of the Boujan arenas, Elodie and Marin Laval formalized the complete cartels of the two stitched novilladas and the non-stitched one.

In its desire to bring out new talents or offer a chance to those lacking opportunities, all the novilleros will make their presentation in Béziers with the exception of Nîmes Niño Julian who will be repeated following his triumph against Valverde last year.

The Many Triumphs of Chicharro

For the opening novillada, Alejandro Chicharro will headline the cartel to face the braves of Valverde and Turquay. The novillero from Colmenar Viejo multiplied his triumphs last year for his first diving temporada (45 ears in 22 paseos). After having performed mainly in the bullrings of the Madrid Region, in 2024 he will have to confirm his status as the great hope of bullfighting in major ferias since he is announced twice at Las Ventas next May.

The Madrilenian will be accompanied by Jesus Moreno who will have his two golden opportunities in Madrid (May 1) and Boujan to write a future in the profession because he has fought little and triumphed since his debut in 2019 (7 novilladas for 3 ears in five seasons). The Spaniard Cid de Maria will complete the cartel and make his debut in France after having tore eight novilladas (17 ears) since his presentation in the category in 2023 and he will arrive crowned with a first triumph in 2024 during the "Copa Chenel".

The return of Niño Julian, triumphant 2023

Then, on Sunday morning, a novillada without picador will be offered to the public in the presence of Biterrois Luis Torres, Nîmes Valentin and Spaniards Adrian Monroy, Jorge Hurtado, and Isaac Galvin. For the closing bullfight, the breeding of Guadaira will be scheduled, who will perform his second novillada of the year in Boujan after Madrid in May. The spectacular Nîmes Niño Julian (9 paseos, 6 ears) will therefore be back after his two ears against Valverde and will be accompanied by Mario Navas.

The Spanish hope needs success because he has raised a lot of hopes for his debut in 2022 after good performances in Seville, Bilbao and Salamanca. Last year (16 novilladas, 4 ears), after three paseos in Madrid, he did not fully confirm in the biggest arenas in France and Spain.

Samuel Navalon, a hope for the future

The Valencian Samuel Navalon will be one of the headliners of this Feria. He is one of the main hopes of his generation. His first temporada took him directly to the summits (11 paseos, 19 ears and a tail) and he once again made an impression for his first novilladas in Valencia and Valdemorillo this year. His next matches in Seville, Arles, Madrid and Nîmes can offer him an even more assertive status before his arrival at Boujan.

Three days of celebration on the Campo de Feria

"Toros y campo" made a name for itself in the French Ferias concert after seven editions of its Feria de novilladas for its bullfighting programming.

But the Campo de Feria is also popular with aficionados and festival-goers from Béziers with its Campo de Ferias where events will take place from June 28 to 30 for a family audience appreciating local gastronomy.

The gourmet lunch, local product stands and oyster bars are popular with the public. This Campo de Feria, which complements the bullfighting program, is also an economic necessity to balance the budget for bullfighting shows with the presence of partners and recipes from culinary stands and refreshments.

The cartels:

Saturday June 29 (6:30 p.m.): novillos of Valverde and Turquay for Jesus Moreno, Alejandro Chicharro and Cid de Maria.

Sunday June 30:

11 a.m.: songs by Roland Durand for Luis Torres (Béziers), Adrian Monroy (Badajoz), Jorge Hurtado (Badajoz), Valentin (Nîmes) and Isaac Galvin (Chiclana).

6 p.m.: Guadaira novillos for Mario Navas, Niño Julian and Samuel Navalon.

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