The Championship Of England. “Vest Heme” Yarmolenko rescued a tie with “Huddersfeld” and other matches

Чемпіонат Англії. «Вест Гем» Ярмоленка врятував нічию з «Гаддерсфілдом» та інші матчі

In the championship of England on football have taken place the first matches of the 12th round

“Cardiff” in the last minute snatched victory from the “Brighton”. Although the beginning of the game was for the guests, dank with the early goal opened the scoring in the match. However, before the break Brighton not only lost the advantage, but remained in minority-for a brutal foul on Stephens.

Cardiff seized the initiative, but managed to score only when the guests had little time to recoup, Bamba finished off the ball after a rebound into the goal.

Leicester and Burnley’s and are unable to identify the strongest. “Fox” had a significant advantage throughout the match, but poor implementation prevented to hit the gate of the Garth at least once.

Newcastle’s second victory in a row after a series of very bad matches. The hero of the “forty” was Rondon, who scored twice in the first half. Lerma, before the break we managed to score once to win, but the second time to score Dubravec and failed.

The “Watford” in the last minute snatched a draw in the match with Southampton. The first half was for the saints, and Gab ADN in the 20th minute put the hosts ahead in the score. The “Watford” in the second half, seized the initiative and managed to score already in the 82nd minute effort of Holebas.

“Huddersfeld” and “vest hem” could not determine the strongest. Pritchard at the beginning of the match put the hosts ahead in the score, and “Huddersfeld” was in the lead until the 74th minute when Anderson played well on the rebound.

Thanks to the victory with Cardiff scored eight points and climbed out of the relegation zone, Brighton with 14 points remained in 12th position. Newcastle thanks to a second consecutive victory scored nine points and climbed to 14th place, “Bournemouth” and “Watford”, with 20 points divide sixth-seventh position. “Vest Heme” scored 12 points and climbed to the 13th position, “Huddersfeld” left penultimate. Southampton only due to better goal difference not in the relegation zone, Leicester remained in the middle of the table, “Burnley” with nine points located on the 15th line.

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