The changing of the CAQ hopes for a green economy

La relève de la CAQ espère une économie verte

The Commission of the future of the Coalition avenir Québec (CRCAQ) will innovate by holding a congress fully digital the 19 and 20 September next.

The president of the Commission, Keven Brewer, believes that the context of the pandemic requires political organisations to reinvent themselves to join the activists and the population.

“It will allow us to have a greater visibility that only people who come to congress with a” week-end”, said Mr. Brewer, who points out that the 6th congress of youth will be released on digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

“There will be greater accessibility. It means, everyone is behind their computer. It connects, it is accessible to all, this is a congress that is going to be free. Expect to have about one thousand people minimum in the congress”, ignites the chairman of the CRACQ.

Economy, culture, tourism and the environment

Since the election, the opponents and critics of the government Legault accused him of look little to the environment.

In the framework of the 6th congress digital, young people will take this theme to the forefront.

“We believe that, with the crisis of the COVID, there is a “before” and there is an “after”. We want to focus on a rethinking of the Quebec of the”after”. The economic recovery must be done from an environmental perspective,” says Keven Brewer.

The president of the CRCAQ will a daring proposal.

“How can we use, for example, the generations Fund? Is it possible to use it in a manner more green? Is it possible to enjoy just the stopping point in our history to start over so as to bequeath to future generations a cleaner environment, more green?”, questions Keven Brewer.

Since its creation, the generations Fund, which amounted to 8.3 G$, is destined for the reduction of the debt.

The minister of The Environment, which will be one of the speakers featured, highlights the contribution of the youth wing.

“It is comforting”, said the minister Benoit Charette speaking of the youth. “The policy that we announced in the beginning of the year, it is in the discussions that were had through the youth commission in a first time. This is to say that one has a youth commission which inspires the party,” he concludes.

Under the theme “Rethinking the Quebec”, the activists who participate online will also reflect on the future of agriculture, the new digital realities, the elders, the hardest hit by the pandemic, the local tourism and culture.

“The artists are less able to do the shows, it is an issue that is difficult. We are willing to address this issue, but also how we can enhance our culture internationally,” says Keven Brewer.

“Is it possible to use Tele-Quebec, which has been used during the crisis to support the students in confinement? Is it possible to use it, this way, to promote culture?”, advance the president of the CRCAQ, which was well-looking forward to the month of September.

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