The chaos settles in Mali

Le chaos s’installe au Mali

Mali is on the verge of collapse ? A crisis of intense shakes the country. Its president, Ibraïm Boubacar Keïta, a drunk who has difficulty speaking in public, he has allowed corruption to invade all spheres of government. A coalition of opposition parties demand his resignation. Across the country, bandits rise up road blocks to extort money from the travellers. Bands of thieves and murderers spread throughout the cities.

The disorder wins several administrative regions, in particular those who are threatened by the islamists. To show how much they are exceeded by the situation of malian women have protested naked in the streets. The sudden fall of the regime in mali could destabilize West Africa, all the more that the islamists close to the saudi Arabia seem to be close to succeeding a coup.

1. Where does the crisis in Mali ?

The Mali fight against serious economic problems that have been exacerbated by the pandemic of COVID-19. The opposition criticized the government for its inability to effectively fight against the jihadists. Corruption has also increased significantly in recent years. But it is a decision of the constitutional Court of Mali who set fire to the powder. It is the balance of the malian president. After the recent elections, it has decided to invalidate the results of several polling stations, this has had the effect of changing the election results in favor of Keita and his supporters.

2. How did the opposition ?

The opposition is gathered on June 5 in a broad-based movement, the Movement of the 5 June-Rally of patriotic forces (M5-RFP). This group has called on the population to large protests and civil disobedience. The M5-RFP requires the resignation of the president and the formation of a government of national union which would bring together the main political parties of the country.

3. What is the answer of the president Keïta ?

This week, the heads of State of Côte d’ivoire, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal have travelled to Bamako, the capital of Mali, in an attempt to find a solution to the crisis. In vain. Neither the opposition nor the president do not want to give in on the essentials. The opposition wants the president remains in office, but on the condition that he plays more than a symbolic role and most importantly, on condition that the opposition parties hold the majority of seats of ministers of a possible unity government. The president does not hear or dispose of its power or cede its majority to the opposition.

4. That is sought by the opposition ?

The M5-RFP includes a number of leaders. But the most influential and the most popular is an imam wahhabi, Mahmoud Dicko, whose sermons rigorists inflamed have nothing to do with the islam practiced by the majority of the population. In this context, it is easy to understand that these islamists seek to take power without a new election.

5. What should the Malians ?

Behind this impossible choice, between the leaders incompetent and corrupt, or islamist leaders, is emerging in the old struggle for influence in Africa between France and saudi Arabia. Not to mention that the overthrow of a president is a bad example for neighbouring countries. We shudder at the idea that Mali could sink further into chaos and become the epicenter of the cancer islamist in the region. The best solution would probably be to hold new elections, this time under international supervision.

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