The cheapest car in the world was removed from production

Самое дешевое в мире авто сняли с производства

The reason is the lack of demand for the car for 2018 were sold only one car.

Indian company Tata has discontinued its hatchback Tata Nano, which was nicknamed “the cheapest car” in the world. This writes Autoblog.

The reason for the cessation of production was the lack of demand for cars in 2018 was sold only one car.

Presented was a hatchback in 2008, leaving the market at a price of two thousand dollars.

With this upgraded and improved version of the car was estimated by the manufacturer in 3.1 thousand dollars.

The company acknowledged that the status of the “cheapest” cars had a negative impact on the image of the product.

Earlier it was reported that in Europe identified the car of the year. The leader is a crossover of the Swedish group Volvo XC40.

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