The chief of staff u.s. regrets will be shown with Trump after the dispersal of protesters

Le chef d’État major américain regrette s’être montré avec Trump après la dispersion de manifestants

The chief of staff u.s. general Mark Milley, has made public late Thursday, will be shown in uniform to the sides of the chair, Donald Trump, after the violent dispersal of a peaceful demonstration near the White House, on the 1st of June.

The objective was to free up the field towards the church of St John, the iconic building close to gradient the day before, so that Donald Trump can be photographed, bible in hand, surrounded by several officers, including the chief of staff.

“Many of you have seen the results of this photo of me on Lafayette Square last week, which has provoked a debate about the role of the military in society “, said general Milley in a recorded speech for the graduation ceremony of a faculty military, Notre Dame University.

“I would not have had to be there,” added the highest ranking officer in the american army. “My presence at that time and in those circumstances has given the impression that the military intervened in the domestic politics. “

“It was a mistake which I learned and I sincerely hope that we can all learn lessons from that “, he added, a grave look.

The images of the general Milley, walking in camouflage behind Mr. Trump, had given rise to sharp criticism of former military officials, including the ex-minister of Defense of Jim Mattis.

The american ministers of Justice and Defense, as well as other senior officials were also present.

The White House has strongly defended the decision, and the exit of Donald Trump, referring to his desire to “to send a strong message” and comparing the same to the british Prime minister Winston Churchill during the Second world War.

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