The child was found in the river the mysterious treasure of gold and silver

The boy from the Scottish village found some gold and silver chains and precious watch

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Ребенок нашел в реке таинственный клад с золотом и серебром

Campbell Booth found the treasure

7-year-old Campbell Booth from the Scottish village Bonkle, North Lanarkshire, were walking with father Graham and my dog along the river Calder and accidentally discovered a cache of jewels. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

The boy claims that while walking, noticed on the water surface of the yellow object. He thought it was a chocolate coin, and pulled her out of the pond. “I looked more closely and realized that it’s more like a medal,’ says Booth. – There we found 15 or 16 hours and a few gold and silver chains”.

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About the cost of discovery is no information. The Scots handed over the jewels to the police. At present militiamen establish, is not whether decorating with earlier perfect crimes. “I want to praise the guy for a decent act,” said police inspector Martin Spiers.

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