The Chinese sent the first ever device on the dark side of the moon

Китайцы отправят первый в истории аппарат на темную сторону Луны

This is the first in the history of mankind mission on the part of the natural satellite of our planet, which is not visible from the Ground.Today China will launch the first spacecraft that will travel to the dark side of the moon, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

It will be a historic step in the study of the natural satellite of our planet. According to The Guardian, the mission of the Chinese space Agency has named Chang’e-4. Its goal is to deliver the robotic lander and Rover on the large and unexplored pool South pole-Aitken. Today the spacecraft starts from the center of the satellite launch at the Xichang. Beisan has a diameter of about 2,400 kilometers, it is about 12 kilometers deep.

“Mission to the dark side of the moon will be the biggest technological achievement of China. The Chinese lunar program is extremely ambitious,” explained the scientist, University of Manchester Catherine joy.

“She’s heading to a place that has a special importance for the study of the moon. This impact crater has punched a big hole in the lunar crust and probably the mantle. Potentially here it is possible to access the rocks that we never found on the surface of the moon,” – says the expert.

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