“The Christmas song” Baby it’s Cold Outside taken off the air because of the call for harassment

Рождественскую песню Baby It's Cold Outside сняли с эфира из-за призыва к харассменту

American radio wore the air the legendary song of Frank Loesser

Well-known Christmas song Baby it’s Cold Outside, written in 1944, forbidden to put on the air members of the radio station Star 102 city of Cleveland, Ohio.

It is known that this decision was taken after talks with the representatives of the movement #MeToo: they are found in the text of the song calls for sexual violence, writes Grazia.

The song, written by composer Frank Lesser, was first performed by him and his wife Lynn garland at a family party, as humorous sketches, hinting that it was time to go.

After the song was used in the romantic Comedy “Neptune’s Daughter”, where she was cast as a dialogue between a man and a woman, who persistently asks her to stay. And although the woman wants to leave and gives all the possible prepositions, holder holds it, insisting that it’s too cold outside.

“Before we played the song Baby it’s Cold Outside, but you said this song doesn’t fit us anymore. I want to be honest: I didn’t realize that the bad words Until they are read. Now I understand that when the song was written, it was perceived differently. Now I read her words, and they strike me as very wrong,” shared one of its leading radio stations Glenn Anderson.

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