The CHSLD, the future of our artists?

Smile of victory on his lips, triumphant as Joan of Arc in Orleans, Nathalie Roy, under the benevolent eye of his prime minister, has mistaken, yesterday, all the skeptics.

As if she wanted to shoot down a single shot to his critics, the minister of Culture and Communications has released the millions of its horn of abundance with the same attitude meek, that bears the prime minister Justin Trudeau since the beginning of the pandemic. The tone of the minister, we could have sworn that she had just require the coronavirus to capitulate without condition.

Ms. Roy even dreams of a national day grandiose that we would celebrate with a bang. On the screens of our television networks, of course, and on the plains of Abraham, or the mount Royal, with respect to distancing physical. Alas ! nothing is less favourable than those cursed two metres to celebrate and socialize.

But it must reinvent itself, repeats the minister as a mantra. A substantial part of the $ 400 million (of which $ 250 million of money, ” nine “) announced must be devoted to works that are ” creative “, shows the innovative “upset patterns” and report to the health challenges presented by the pandemic.


Probably to make people forget that a few hundred artists came to reproach her for not having consulted, the minister has slotted in thanks to the stars and the unions that had lit his lantern. Thanks to the shovel became the inescapable leitmotif of these points press the midi.

Two weeks ago, the Union of Artists, has been sent to the committees for revival of the ministry of Culture and Communication two reports that are very searched on the recovery in the sectors of audiovisual, performing arts and the dissemination of productions.

When one becomes aware of these reports, we soon realize that real recovery of the arts of the scene is also difficult to realize that the quadrature of the circle. The detachment physics is an obstacle almost insuperable. According to the UDA, when it comes to theatre, singing, musical theatre or dance, we find 52 situations of work and representation, including 33 where the distance is a major issue or insoluble.


On 11 situations possible working in audiovisual, there are only four where the distance is a major issue. But in all cases, the problem could be solved.

Fabienne Larouche will begin this month the shooting of a few episodes of District 31. Itself is being cautious and does not hide that it is a bold experiment that could determine if it is possible to produce drama in the time of a pandemic. Live of the universe and A chance that it has have shown that they can produce emissions of several varieties of interesting as long as you put time and money.

The millions that just throw in the melee the minister Nathalie Roy will make possible a relative recovery. They will allow the artists more creative to pull their pin of the game in the meantime a vaccine that marks a true departure. A small number of craftsmen and technicians will benefit from their ingenuity. Most of the others, alas ! will be penniless once the premium canadian emergency expired.

Will they have other issues than working in a CHSLD ? To $ 49,000 per year, they would receive much higher wages than in the beautiful world of show business !

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