The Cirque du Soleil sued for defamation

Le Cirque du Soleil poursuivi en diffamation

Cirque du Soleil is sued for defamation by Quebecor, two of its subsidiaries, as well as a columnist, in connection with the reactions of the company in the face of a chronic, saying that she was controlled from a tax haven.

“The defendants have attacked the messengers […] to try to discredit the message truthful as to the control of the Circus of the Sun “, one can read in the application that was made public yesterday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The case dates back to the end of April, when the columnist for the Journal de Montréal Michel Girard, who has 40 years of experience, had signed a text titled ” The Circus of the Sun, controlled from a tax haven “.

Two days later, the company was founded in Quebec, but since being sold to foreign interests, had responded with a notice accusing the columnist of “damaging efforts [of the Circus] in its efforts to obtain financial assistance or financing” of the government.


The lawyers of the company were also a link between the text and the interest of Quebecor to acquire the Circus. The notice had also been casting to The Press, who asked to Quebecor to react even before the latter has received a copy.

“The words convey the idea that is false, misleading and offensive that the applicants […] are controlled by Quebecor, and that they have agreed to be instrumented by the latter in order to affect the most possible in the Circus of the Sun and thus enable Quebecor to acquire Cirque du Soleil in discount “, one can read in the lawsuit, which calls for a total of $ 280 000 in moral damages and punitive damages.

Unless an amicable agreement, the application will soon be presented to a judge.

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