The city of Nîmes highlights its achievements as part of its inclusive policy

The city of Nîmes highlights its achievements as part of its inclusive policy

Le rapport annuel de la commission communale pour l'accessibilité a été au menu du dernier conseil municipal. Archive Midi Libre

During the municipal council on Saturday April 6, the annual report of the municipal commission for accessibility provided an update on the achievements of 2023 in Nîmes.

This Saturday, April 6, the municipal council presented its annual report from the municipal commission for accessibility. The opportunity for the elected representative in charge of the file Véronique Jouve-Sammut to also answer the questions raised by the opposition. In the ranks of the National Rally, the amount of financial aid for beneficiaries with disabilities was considered minimal by Laurence Gardet "if we compare it to money flowing freely for urban renewal."

For Nîmes, a citizen on the left, Marianne Bernède pointed out the developments that are not necessarily up to par with a city of 150,000 inhabitants and the poor condition of certain sidewalks. The elected official took the example of a person who had many difficulties getting around using her cane: &quot ;We cannot travel in certain areas. We must allow all residents to be able to move around in safety, said Marianne Bernede. Véronique Jouve-Sammut asked to list the streets and sidewalks that pose a problem.

Visit circuits

The municipal majority, however, wishes to retain the positive, to highlight the achievements in terms of inclusive policy, those which supplement the actions of the municipal social action center. Thus, in 2023, accessibility work on roads and public spaces was carried out in rue Florian, Fernand Pelloutier, Espoir, de l’Eglise, route d’Avignon.

Adapted parking spaces have been created on rue Monjardin, Léo Larguier, Rabelais, Chemin du Mas. 213 work authorizations for establishments open to the public were studied.

For municipal places, these are the Jean-Paulhan and Pablo-Neruda centers, the Espace creation building, the Tour Magne school and the biodiversity house. 3 500 ERPs are accessible in Nîmes today.

Among the achievements, it is also worth noting the two visiting circuits intended for people with reduced mobility: one 500 m long in the historic center, the second entitled "The Nîmes walk" of 3 km.

During the deliberations

Dupont restoration: the left cannot digest compensation
The deliberation relating to the payment of compensation of nearly 300,000 € by the City to the Dupont catering delegatee to cope with the increase in expenses (increase in the price of electricity, foodstuffs, minimum wage) was not digested by the elected official from left Jo Menut. She indicated that this would set an unacceptable precedent " for all public service delegates. Aurélie Prohin, in charge of the file, replied that it was an agreement and not an amendment to the contract: "L& rsquo;opinion of the Council of State allows these exceptional situations to be taken into account."

Territories committed to nature: the city is committed
The City continues to be part of the Territories committed to nature system for the period 2024-2027 with three actions announced: creation of a decision-making tool for the preservation of Nîmes’ natural heritage , support for services in the project to revise the Local Urban Plan in order to reconcile nature and development, establishment of eco-pasture in the natural or green spaces of the municipality.

Stade des costières: Vincent Bouget calls for transparency
In an interview given to Midi Libre a week ago, Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier mentioned the plans for repairing the Costières stadium. During the municipal council, Vincent Bouget asked the city's first magistrate "total transparency. I would like to know your intentions because there have already been too many errors on this issue." The mayor clarified that nothing had been decided: "These are just first estimates."

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