The City of Saguenay in support of the victims of La Baie

The City of Saguenay in support of the victims of La Baie


The victims of the Bay region will be able to extend their stay at the hotel for the next three days, a weight less on the shoulders of the victims who find themselves homeless.

At least that's what the City of Saguenay and the Red Cross announced on Tuesday afternoon.

“It feels good,” said a resident of La Baie, evacuated from her residence. She and her husband have no short-term accommodation in the region, since their family and loved ones live in Ontario.

“That's why we're at the hostel” , she added.

The city has set a goal of finding long-term housing for all those affected by the end of the week, but the situation is complex. Indeed, in some cases, families are large and many have animals. However, the City wanted to reassure the population: no one will be left homeless.

Displaced residents have access to a call line at all times, for any questions, by dialing 418-697- 5117.

Call for Generosity

Since many people want to support disaster victims, the City of Saguenay has set up three forms for donations. People can access it by visiting

“The first is for the donation of furniture and household appliances. The second is for people who have free housing to offer and the third is for offers of various services, such as temporarily housing the animals of the victims, ”explained the spokesperson for the city, Dominic Arseneau.

When it comes to furniture and appliances, the City is asking people to focus on essentials, like fridges, beds and dining tables, for example. Saguenay will take care of the receipt of the forms to pick up the supplies from the generous donors.

“The people are very nice, really very generous”, underlined a disaster victim.

< strong>And the work continues

On the ground, work continues. Engineers from the Englobe firm were busy Tuesday analyzing the characteristics of the soil, its bearing capacity and the water pressure, using probes. The City explains that using a piezocone, engineers collect geotechnical data. These will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport to design emergency stabilization works.

Security will also be increased on Tuesday evening. “The fences have been reinforced, enlarged a little bit. The construction of the two dikes is complete and there will be surveillance by the police and private security agents this evening, but also lights that will be installed to illuminate the area,” said Mr. Arseneau. .

In the short term, evacuated residents also benefit from a prepaid card from the Red Cross to help them pay for their meals, among other things.

“It's for lunches, dinners, suppers and hygiene products. For the next three days, it's $156,” explained Jonathan Ouellette, one of the evacuees from 9th Avenue.

“You're just going to eat at McDonald's, for two, it's 25 $ for a dinner… But it's still good, we didn't expect that,” added a lady.

The mayoress of Saguenay, Julier Dufour, however wonders about the enhancement of assistance programs. She will talk about it on Wednesday with Prime Minister François Legault, who has planned to visit the victims. He also mentioned on his Twitter account that he won't let them down.