The clairvoyant appeals, the villagers exasperated by the raves, the testimony of Samira's mother: the essential news in the region

The clairvoyant appeals, the villagers exasperated by the raves, the testimony of Samira's mother: the essential news in the region

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Case of Ettore: the clairvoyant and the Eiffage executive on appeal

#AGDE.Sophia Martinez, the clairvoyant from Agde imprisoned on March 21 in Béziers, who is at the heart of the financial investigation which sent Mayor Gilles d'Ettore behind bars, is appealing this Tuesday April 9 in front of the Montpellier Chamber of Investigation. The hearing should be held behind closed doors, just like the one where the mayor of Agde appeared on April 2, whose placement under arrest warrant has since been confirmed by the court.< /p>

This same hearing of the Montpellier Court of Appeal will also examine the appeal filed by Thyl Zoete, director of Eiffage-Route for the west of Languedoc-Roussillon, who he was also incarcerated on March 30 for corruption by the judge of liberty and detention of Béziers.

Water 42% more expensive in summer in Toulouse

#DROUGHT.This is a first for a major French metropolis. Toulouse and 36 municipalities have just voted, Thursday, in favor of a new water rate from June, more expensive during the summer period to encourage economy, and lower for the rest of the year.

The deliberation, adopted by Toulouse Métropole which represents a population area of ​​850,000 inhabitants, validates a new seasonal rate which provides until October, i.e. say during the months of the low flow period (minimum flow of a watercourse) an increase of 42% in the price of a cubic meter of water and a drop of 30% ;nbsp;% over the remaining seven months, from November 1 to May 30.

Elected officials opposed to the measure denounced the establishment of a "punitive tax"& nbsp;qui"will fall on the people most in difficulty". On the user side, this pricing raises questions : "This must push us to save more in summer but we must save water all the time, underlined Lucien Sanchez, of the Eau Secours 31 collective .

Serial raves: fed up

#HERAULT. While Aude has just issued a decree banning these wild parties, the Héraultais living in the Hauts Cantons fear that all the “party-goers” will fall back on their department. Last weekend in particular, on the heights of Rieussec," 40 people ruined the lives of hundreds of residents",says Ingrid Chapuis, of the association Le son du silence. The association, which is already in contact with several national elected officials, plans to alert the prosecutors of Montpellier and Béziers for what has become "a real scourge.& ;quot;

"She's afraid of being alone" : Samara's mother testifies

#MONTPELLIER. The young girl attacked on Tuesday April 2 near her college has been released from the hospital. His mother, Hassiba, gave an interview to Midi Libre. The opportunity to give news of the schoolgirl: "physically, we can say that she is doing well, but psychologically, she is not doing well.& ;quot; She told her mother about the attack."She confirmed to me that three students had lured her from the entrance of the college towards the bus stop where the group was located who attacked her." The mother "expects a lot from the investigation."."My It is my duty to do justice to my daughter “, adds Hassiba. Three minors were indicted for attempted intentional homicide of a 15-year-old minor.

The number of the day: 10 371

#LOZÈRE. Leave for four weeks, 10 371 kilometers from Lozère, to help people in need, this is Lucie Couderc’s new humanitarian project which will leave for Tanzania this summer. His project ? "Providing quality education for all children in need". To carry out this mission, she needs 2,500 euros and will organize a raffle. In particular, she plans to bring school materials.

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