The cocktail hour: five new features in quebec to enjoy the national Holiday

L’heure du cocktail: cinq nouveautés québécoises à déguster à la Fête nationale

MONTREAL – on The 24th of June next, to celebrate Quebec’s great! Question is to plunge into a festive atmosphere, several artisans here offer different cocktails that promote québec know-how. The cocktail hour in the “Belle Province” has, therefore, arrived, and here are 5 new features to enjoy at the occasion of the national Holiday.

1. Syrups to cocktail quebec Alambika

In anticipation of the opening of the new bar Alkadémie, the shop of the ingredients of cocktails Alambika this a safe cocktail all-in-one for on the go. Developed in collaboration with its partner Prosyro, these kits and cocktails contain bitters, artisanal, of the juice of citrus fruits, the emulsifier vegan and fruit puree. In the box, the products are supplied in bottles of 4 oz (4 cocktails) with a bag of toppings dehydrated. It is not enough that you go to the SAQ and get a spirits quebecers like vodka Cirka, rum Sainte-Marie, the rums of the Distillery of Montreal, or even the gin and the Distillery of St. Laurent for a home made cocktail and 100 % quebecois!

* To 39,95 $ – participating Restaurants: In Victory, The Diplomat, Santa Barbara, The Distillery, Cousins, the Butcher’s, Lorrain, and available at

2. The cocktails organic Bobbie & Drew to 69 calories

Quebec consumers are always conscious of health and wellness products and this is why the Cocktails organic Bobbie & Drew are attractive to a wide audience. Made from organic cider, natural flavours and stevia organic, these ready-to-drink without sugar does not contain 69 calories and an alcohol content of 3.5 %. These cocktails natural are perfect to drink at the pool or at a family bbq. Two flavors are currently available on the market: LÒCH lemon and cucumber and ÙRBEN the lychee and ginger. * At $ 3.69 per unit – Available in grocery stores across Quebec. To find the points of services, please visit:

3. First kombucha alcoholic ART KOMBUCHA without sugar

Quebec entrepreneurs Christine Albert and Ivan Marenco launch ART KOMBUCHA, the leading brand of kombucha alcoholic in Canada. The kombucha, which is a drink made of yeast and usually sugar-free, is revisited with an alcohol percentage of 4.5 %. ART KOMBUCHA is a drink slightly alcoholic healthier alternative than other popular drinks are sweet on the market. Handcrafted, you will find four varieties of delicious and refreshing Hibiscus-Passion, Hops, tropical, Ginger and Mint-Lemon.

* At $ 3.49 unit – Available in grocery stores IGA, Metro, Provigo and more than a hundred shops across the province of Quebec.

4. New gin pink to berry NOROI Distillery

If you’re a lover of gin, you absolutely must find the novelty of the summer of the distillery NOROI: the Dry gin and pink berries of Quebec. Distilled in Saint-Hyacinthe, the spirits developed by the team NOROI is concocted with ingredients as diverse as the camerises organic producer of the Delights of the Fast, the strawberries from the Farm Gadbois, bay of juniper, coriander, licorice, root of orris, the zest of lemon and bitter orange. This juice is a nice translucent pink provides a delicious fruity taste, perfect for the beginning of the summer!

– At $ 48.50 per – Available at the SAQ

5. Ready-to-drink Amermelade Spritz

When the Italy meeting Quebec, the spirits Amermelade was born to make you discover the Apérol Spritz of la Belle Province! This summer, the team Spirits Iberville therefore launches a spritz of quebec (in format ready-to-drink. On the nose, a bouquet free of citrus with hints of sapinage and ginger emerges, and in the mouth we can distinguish the aromas bitter pink grapefruit. We love the marriage of different citrus and fruit, such as orange, bergamot, peach and apricot. To serve as an accompaniment to a famous tray of cold meats and Italian cheeses or quebec!

* Package of 4 to 13,60 $ – Available at the SAQ

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