The Collective, a group of companies from the Gard Rhone region, is preparing its actions for the start of the school year, “we will have to stick together more than ever this year”

The Collective, a group of companies from the Gard Rhone region, is preparing its actions for the start of the school year, “we will have to stick together more than ever this year”

Le président du Collectif a présenté le programme du salon Pop, aux côtés de ses partenaires institutionnels, jeudi 4 juillet. C.B.

Le Collectif, groupement des associations d’entreprises du Gard rhodanien, a fait son assemblée générale jeudi 4 juillet et présenté son salon économique Pop.

"This year, we carried out all the actions we had planned. Our moral report would be excellent if all the associations in the region were doing well" declared Vincent Champetier, the president of the Collective, Thursday July 4 at Le Break, during the’ general assembly of this group of ten business associations. "There is unease in the associative world, certain associations have gone dormant, such as Bagnols commerce, Technoparc or even Ecau (merchants and craftsmen) in Pont-Saint-Esprit" which has just been taken over by a new team.

Another concern shared by the president of the Collective, that linked to the political context following the second round of the legislative elections on July 7. "The year 2024 -2025 is going to be complicated, we're going to have to stick together more than ever" he said in front of the representatives of the Gard Rhone companies.

Actions to attract young people to local businesses

The Collective intends to renew its various actions carried out this year, including those aimed at younger generations to attract them to local businesses. "More than 300 young people attended the Youth and Business Meetings, and 40 companies from all sectors participated", an event which is again scheduled for early February 2025.

Another opportunity to discover the professions of the Gard Rhone territory, on Thursdays of the Collective, meals taken together between bosses and students in the canteens of the Einstein and Sainte-Marie de Bagnols high schools.&amp ;nbsp;"We break down barriers, we discuss… And it shows them that young people have their place in our territory, in our companies!" appreciates the president of the business group.

Le Pop, a trade show to create business networks and promote employment

"The Big Piece“of the year” will still be the Pop (Provence Occitane Proactive) economic and business fair, the second edition of which will take place on September 26, 2024 at the Laudun-L”Ardoise Forum, with the theme of the company of tomorrow and employment. An event whose partners are the Occitanie Region, the CCI and the Gard Rhodanien agglomeration, on the institutional side. "The Pop is a lever for creating networks, the objective is the activity of companies, that they function well!" stressed the president of the CCI of Gard Eric Giraudier, present Thursday during the presentation of the Pop to sign an agreement with the Collective. "This show allows us to talk about our territory positively" notes the president of the Gard Rhodanien agglomeration, Jean-Christian Rey.

"We have 72 stands this year, with 40% of exhibitors coming from surrounding areas. 60 % of exhibitors are renewed" said Vincent Champetier. The day will be punctuated by various highlights with a morning of B2B meetings, and for the first time, a public reception in the afternoon around recruitment with the presence of France Travail, Geiq (group of B2B companies). employers for integration and qualification) and the Local Youth Mission.

"This year we managed to bring in companies that are not from the Rhone Gard and not just nuclear companies " explained Thursday Julien Féja, vice-president of the Collective and pilot of Pop, such as Ergosanté and the mines of Alès, who will exhibit a robot, Memento cloud from Nîmes. Large groups are also participating in the show, "EDF, CEA Marcoule, Orano Melox, Cyclife, Enedis…"

The opportunity for all these economic actors "to present their know-how"  argues the president of the Collective.

A new office was unanimously elected during the general assembly of the Collective: president Vincent Champetier; vice-president Julien Féja; treasurer Jean-Baptiste Honorin; secretary: Rémy Jennepin; assistant secretary: Laure Leduc.

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