The color palette for the fall of 2019: TOP 5 most trending shades

Liliya Rebrik showed the actual colors of the season

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Палитра цветов на осень 2019: ТОП-5 самых трендовых оттенков

Liliya Rebrik

In the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”, the Ukrainian stylist Julie told Pomaska on 5 fashionable colours this season and how to connect them. A well-known TV presenter, actress and a real fashionista Lily Rebrik were able to demonstrate trendy styles.

Also in the video we offer you a selection of the TOP 7 antitrend this fall:

Top five trendy colors opens bright orange or red, but the brighter, the better!

“One of the trend colors of autumn, 2019 – orange, I suggest it is combined with pink, emerald, grey, khaki and Marsala, but the black colour will remove all our clothes as this fall need to look bright!” says fashion stylist Julie Pomaska the TV channel “Ukraine”.

Палитра цветов на осень 2019: ТОП-5 самых трендовых оттенков

The star presenters of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”

Heavenly blue is fourth. But not all shades of blue today in fashion, was important, to hints of turquoise. You can choose a bright outfit, as suggested by the designers of the world, but the Ukrainian stylist suggests to give preference to muted shades.

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“The color blue, from turquoise to pastel, for example, a sweater such shades can be combined with a long (no shorter than MIDI length) skirt. As for the combination with other colors – I would advise you to combine with gray, Burgundy and powdery,” says the stylist.

And the host of “the Wound W with Ukraine” Lilia Rebrik chose a pastel blue dress and a bright trench coat.

Fashionable vanilla-cream color, it is better not to combine with other colors, and the accent can be done on restrained accessories or shoes.

Палитра цветов на осень 2019: ТОП-5 самых трендовых оттенков

The trend color of autumn 2019 – vanilla cream

“Suggest this color to wear in mono Luka, for example, classic pants and Golf to combine with the fashionable trench coat or a little emphasis may be placed on footwear,” says Julie Pamasko.

Finally, two of the hottest colors – pink and emerald, which will be treated each, because they can be combined with each other, and pink in General we can choose for every taste.

Палитра цветов на осень 2019: ТОП-5 самых трендовых оттенков

Anatoliy Anatolich and Liliya Rebrik

“This season the podium was not able to do without the emerald color, which can be successfully combined with copper and pink hues, for example, the new-fangled pink – “smoky rose”, – said the stylist in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

We also talked about the most fashionable colors of the year.

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