The commander of the NATO forces in Europe said the deployment of additional forces in the Baltics

Главнокомандующий силами НАТО в Европе пояснил размещение дополнительных сил в Балтии

The commander of NATO forces in Europe, U.S. General Curtis Scaparrotti said that the extra resource block in the Baltic region in spite of the position of Russia is “a necessary step”, caused by the aggressive actions of Moscow. He told about it in interview “Radio Freedom”.

According to Scaparotti, “four battalions are not a threat to Russia”, referring to the additional forces located in the Baltic States and Poland in recent months.

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He called them “actual deterrent to any aggression by Russia against NATO’s borders”.

“We want them (Russia — ed.) was a productive member of Europe, but they have to respect and operate within existing rules,”said Scaparrotti in response to the question whether he sees in Russia a threat or a potential friend for NATO and the United States.

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The General also confirmed the position of the Alliance regarding the non-recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and “their presence in the East of Ukraine,” adding that the growth of Russian military presence in Crimea is “what should I pay attention.”

As previously reported “FACTS”, Poroshenko stated that Russia will not be able to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

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