The comments of Pompeo on WHO are “false and unacceptable”

Les commentaires de Pompeo sur l’OMS sont «faux et inacceptables»

The words of the american secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has accused the british press as the director-general of the WHO, of having been “bought” by China, are ” false and unacceptable “, said Thursday the head of the un organization.

“These comments are wrong, unacceptable and without any basis “, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference, by warning once again against any “politicisation” of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

According to the Times and the Daily Telegraph, the head of the american diplomacy has attacked violently the WHO on Tuesday during a closed meeting with members of the british London.

According to these sources, Mr. Pompeo has qualified the organization as “political,” accusing Dr. Tedros to have been ” bought by the chinese government “, to which he expected to his election to the head of the WHO in 2017. The us secretary of State has even charged the “dead british” of the COVID-19 failures of the organization and these deals supposed.

Taking the floor after Dr Tedros, Maria Von Kherkove, expert of the WHO, said that ” as an American, I’ve never been so proud to be a member of this organization. I am a direct witness of the work that made the Dr. Tedros and what our teams do around the world, ” she said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, reported in China in late December, the organization has been regularly criticised for its delays to the ignition. But this is the United States that were attacked most violently, calling it “a puppet of China,” and denouncing the complacency which they have shown vis-à-vis Beijing.

The United States formally launched on July 8, their procedure for the withdrawal of the un organization, implementing the threats of the president, Donald Trump, who had announced the withdrawal in may, a full pandemic.

“Good choices,”

Calling once again to the “solidarity” between the States and the “leadership” of the leaders in the face of the pandemic that has claimed more than 15 million people infected and more than 620 000 deaths in the world, Dr. Tedros has also urged people to ” make good choices “.

“We will not return to the old normal. The pandemic has already changed the way we live. We ask that everyone consider where it is going, what he does and who he meets, are decisions of life or death, ” he said.

“In recent weeks, we have seen outbreaks of epidemic develop in nightclubs or other gathering places “, he warned. “As long as the virus circulates, everyone is at risk,” he insisted, recalling the need to respect the gestures barriers such as the wearing of a mask, or the distancing physical.

For persons who have been in contact with persons diagnosed positive, “the WHO recommends that they be placed in quarantine for 14 days,” recalled, for his part, Dr. Michael Ryan, director of health emergencies.

“To be put in quarantine when you have been in contact (with an infected person) is an act of courage,” he added, while Mrs. Van Kherkove has described the quarantine as ” one of the most important tools to break the chains of transmission.”

The WHO recommendations on this topic will shortly be updated, she said.

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