The Commission on human rights denounces the “perverse effects” of the foreign worker program

La Commission des droits dénonce les «effets pervers» du programme de travailleurs étrangers

The Commission of human rights and droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) denounces the “perverse effects” of the program of agricultural workers are foreign on our farms.

“We are now living with the perverse effects of the conditions of the temporary foreign worker program including work permit closed and the great difficulty of a change of employer,” denounced Philippe-André Tessier, president of the Commission by issuing a press release.

In mid-July, The Journal reported the testimony of a defence organization, which accused some of the farmers in charge of the hotel costs and meals already reimbursed by Ottawa.

Disturbing cases

According to the Commission, the reported cases of workers forced to remain on the farm or in the home and outside of their hours of work because of the COVID-19 are disturbing.

“Workers who live in an abusive situation have a lot of difficulty in the exercise of their remedies because of the risk of being returned to their countries of origin by their employer “, said Mr. Tessier to the Commission.

The organization points out that temporary foreign workers have a right to equality and the right to working conditions that are fair and reasonable, and who respect their health, their security and their physical integrity.

“These people are part of the social fabric and contribute to the economic life of Quebec”, has summed up the Commission.

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