The COMP expressed very critical views of the City on its management of systemic racism

L’OCPM critique vertement la Ville sur sa gestion du racisme systémique

The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OPCM) released on Monday its report on racism and discrimination is systemic in which he expressed very critical views of their management by the City.

“The analysis of the documentation provided and the testimony leads the commission to conclude that the non-formal recognition of the systemic nature of racism and the discrimination of groups racialized and aboriginal people prevents the City develop the tools needed to tackle genuinely the problem,” indicated by way of a press release Dominique Ollivier, president of the COMP.

The independent body has also pointed out that despite a speech generous in the level of the principles and many of the actions undertaken by the City, the results are not at the rendezvous.

The OPCM has filed a report of 252 pages, where she made 11 findings and 38 recommendations, of which the starting point is the recognition of the existence of the problem.

“The commission assesses that the City should take advantage of this consultation to quickly print out clear guidelines that will allow for the expected changes, added Dominique Ollivier. It should develop measurement tools to track the progress of its plans and policies, as well as provide an accountability to the population periodically to develop a culture of transparency,” while asking the exemplarity of the City to become a model for civil society.

More than 7,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations have participated in and testified during the consultations conducted by the organization.

The report is published at a time when the movements of anti-racist show around the world for a better consideration of the grievances of visible minorities in the face of systems that would flourish fully.

The consultation has been requested by a petition signed by over 22, 000 people in 2018, as the City was validated by asking the OPCM to address the issue.

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