“The Complex of Solomon” by Hélène Vachon to steal moments of life

«Le Complexe de Salomon» de Hélène Vachon: détourner des moments de vie

Without ever falling into the easy cynicism or sarcasm heartbreaking, Hélène Vachon, with a pen irresistible, transforming moments of life into fascinating new in his new collection of short stories, The Complex of Solomon. The one that had given us the irresistible novel Santa leaves with passages of refreshing metaphors that are laugh out loud and touching moments.

What to do for your husband do you ever forget ? Is there a simple, discreet and safe to get rid of books become bulky ? How does it feel to be a prisoner, to the bus stop, on the day of its release ? And why a woman falls she in love with a murderer ?

Hélène Vachon throws a look without pity on situations that are sometimes disturbing, sometimes comical in this collection very entertaining.

The Complex of Solomon
Hélène Vachon
Editions Alto

The Complex of Solomon
Hélène Vachon

Editions Alto
104 pages

In the interview, the writer explains that she had accumulated all kinds of information for months watching movies, documentaries, going to the theatre, meeting people… It noted ” things of life that are not necessarily a novel, but that make a new “. Thus were born the new hilarious, poignant, stakeholders, parts of units, sources of emotions, quirks, or intensities.

Snapshots, sources of writing. “For me, it’s part of the details that you exaggerated to the extreme and that in the end, it is not almost nothing, it is huge, and this happens ! “, she says.

Hélène Vachon said that she never writes about his own life. “It does not interest me. My life, I found it to be very nice, but I don’t want to talk about it. “In contrast, slice-of-life gave rise to texts very funny, such as “the times” an editor asked him to store boxes of books in his cellar… crates which she could not get rid of it.

Another new speaks of a lady who is amourache of a serial killer. “It is a subject that is very serious. How to analyze the phenomenon from the psychological point of view ? It is a chasm!! “, she says. “There are very rarely of men who will go to help women in jail… “

The joy of writing

When she writes, Hélène Vachon is systematic : a new at the time, and one after the other. “I don’t let go… we need to find a purpose, it is necessary that there is a meaning, and it becomes like obsessed with it ! You wake up in the night to think about it. “

The writing time has been rich. “There was a certain excitement, it was a new after the other. And then, at a given time, it dries up, all of it. “Writing to him always brings great joy. “It is something that you do not feel any more ever, the joy… It’s a funny word. No one pronounces this word. It is a joy that is so fleeting… it is necessary to restart all the time. It is understood that the result is never at the height of what you had imagined, but it is life… it is what it is. “

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