“The complicated life of Léa Olivier”: roller coaster of emotions

“The complicated life of Léa Olivier”: a roller coaster of emotions


The summer of Léa Olivier, in the spotlight in the second season of the successful children's series available on Club illico, promises to be incredible. 

The heroine will have to combine once again with ups and downs as well as existential questions about her loves and her friendships. Nothing simple.

To recharge her batteries, she will go during the season to a camp, far from town. But this retirement will be far from being as peaceful as imagined. Especially when her rival Maude (Émi Thériault) is going to land to seduce Olivier (Justin Simon), one of the new faces, who is appearing in the new intrigues.

To shoot these scenes, the technical team and the actors settled in this summer camp for about ten days, where the heat and the mosquitoes were there. In the absence of a mobile network, “a certain magic” was also invited within the troops, indicated Laurence Deschênes, the interpreter of Léa Olivier, in an interview with the QMI Agency.

“We slept the whole technical team, all the actors in a dormitory, we were together 24/7, we ate in the canteen. It was really the most beautiful experience of my life, if there hadn't been the bugs. At the same time, that's part of the thing,” recalled the actress who admits to being a city girl.

The heat and the mosquitoes represented a challenge for her, as did the practice of canoeing which, she admits, is not her main talent.

Back in town, Léa Olivier will have to make heartbreaking choices. As she gets closer to Alex (Karl-Antoine Suprice), the surprise arrival of Thomas (Thomas Delorme) in the equation will complicate things and send the heroine through a roller coaster of emotions.

At the end of filming, the team went to La Ronde to shoot a few scenes.

“I get the gagging easily. We didn't know we were going to ride. We hadn't been warned. In the morning, at 8 o'clock, he had kept Le Goliath for us. We did it twice in a row, but I had never done that in my life. I took the leap and I was green. It was quite a challenge for me,” confided the actress who has just completed her CEGEP.

All in all, Laurence Deschênes has taken over the boots of Léa Olivier, for this second season, with more confidence and ease.

Her character, a little younger than her, notably taught her not to listen to others. “She always needs a bit of validation from others to move forward. It's something I try to work on too, to get rid of the gaze of others. With the pandemic, we found ourselves a little more alone and we had no choice but to trust each other, to move forward and to let go. I think that's what she taught me.”

The television adaptation of The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier has rallied an impressive number of viewers, both in young people than in parents. Since its first days on Club illico, it has generated more than two million views.

Co-produced by Encore television and SLALOM, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the second season of the children's series has been available since last Thursday on Club illico.

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