The concert Jul in part marred by “supporters” of the PSG came to attack fans

Le concert de Jul en partie gâché par des "supporters" du PSG venus agresser des fans

Jul in concert in Paris : supporters of the PSG burst in and attack fans

The concert of Jul to the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, this Wednesday 13 November 2019, is not really happen as planned. While the rapper from marseille was on stage doing the show, so-called “supporters” of PSG have landed in the room before throwing smoke bombs and attacking violently to the fans.

If you don’t know what to order or to buy at Christmas, Jul is here to help you ! To prove it, the rapper has announced the release of a double album for the month of December : “I’m going to warm you up this winter, without the guy I think you are not ready, the truth, I’m proud of me I don’t know how I’m doing.” Well, neither do we. After this beautiful surprise, the interpreter is not LOL did dig his fans during his concert at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on 13 November 2019.

“Marseille not welcome”

And while the show had fully started, the “supporters” of paris (so-called) forced the entrance doors of the room to land in the pit, and to take violently to the fans in attendance, especially those who were wearing shirts of the OM. Presented as the ultras, they also come with a banner that read : “Marseille not welcome“.

The smoke then flew in all directions before a big riot broke out, as we can see on videos shared on Twitter : “Several people have been beaten up and had the skull in blood, “says Yahoo Sport. Shocked by these scenes of violence and these acts were deemed “shameful”, the netizens have not failed to share their anger on Twitter.

One of the spectators, Chloe, has testified from the site : “To 19h, there was a riot outside. About thirty people began to turn on smoke. They have sought to force the passage. What they have not had to do since they are back in the room like butter.” Decidedly, it is not only during a game of football as war is declared between Paris and Marseille !

Jul apologizes

In addition to having returned the AccorHotels Arena, the disruptors prevented access to the concert with some fans and threatened a few on the outside : “Before the concert, I was with a friend who wore the jersey of OM. She was challenged by guys who have said to him ‘Here, it is Paris, it is not in Marseille’. You’re lucky to be girls. Otherwise, you would have burst, “says Gabrielle at Yahoo Sports. After this incident, Jul, who has made a stunning revelation on his wealth, apologized to those who were not able to get into room : “anyway I’m going to come back“, he assured on Instagram to reassure them.

Le concert de Jul en partie gâché par des "supporters" du PSG venus agresser des fans

Jul apologizes after the riot at her concert in Paris

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